School introduction

IInternational Federation of Sports Talents 

International Federation of Sports Talent (IFST), the official working language is English, and the headquarters is in London, the United Kingdom.

IFST mobilizes all kinds of resources for sports development through physical education and training certification and has many experienced experts in many health sports fields such as sports, rehabilitation, nutrition, parkour, football, basketball, extreme sports, emerging sports projects, etc. It is committed to cultivating more sports professionals worldwide in sports science, physical rehabilitation, sports nutrition, physical education, and other fields through pioneering ideas and mature professional systems, encouraging and strengthening friendly exchanges among global sports talents.

In carrying out sports talent training and other relevant sports certification work, the IFST enables people to develop their minds, sports, and physical resources, strengthens the friendship among sports professionals, sports athletes, and sports enthusiasts from all over the world, promotes the specific development of the global sports cause, and helps to create local federations in countries that do not yet have specific work for international sports talents.